Let’s get you those quality customers!

FAVEme Restaurant Success Stories

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I wanted to thank you again for helping us on our journey to higher ratings and more customers. 

It honestly feels like such a big achievement: You have delivered exactly what I was dreaming of and I could not be happier or more grateful – thank you!


It does what it says.   

FAVEme turned one customer into many who keep coming back.  And for a great price too!


Bob Harris.

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I’ve tried lots of ways to acquire new customers.  Most didn’t grow much business.

FAEVme just works.  I would encourage anyone to try it and at $19.99 you have everything to gain!

Bob Harris.

The Benefits of Joining FAVEme.

FAVEme works on success-fees of just $1.99 per confirmed customer delivered, making FAVEme the most affordable way to gain new customers in the USA today.

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You acquire new, quality FAVEme customers.


Each new FAVEme customer just $1.99 to acquire


No monthly service costs.


No commissions. 


No ‘revenue shares’.


No lock-in contract.


One-time ONLY setup fee –  $1.99

Special sign-on fee of just $19.95

How FAVEme turns 1 quality customer into a crowd. 

Today, restaurants don’t have to advertise to every consumer.  They just have to ask their customers to invite their friends to enjoy your offer.

Over 3,700 independent restaurants use FAVEme to bring in new customers.


How customers use FAVEme to invite their friends (who become your new quality customers).

Step 1

Customers scan the QR code for your offer.

Step 2

The QR code opens the FAVEme App on their phone and takes them to your offer.

Step 3

To redeem your offer they have to invite a friend from their contacts list.

Step 4

Their friend is automatically sent your offer too and they can now redeem your offer.

How FAVEme gives you control over your offers, restaurant

and future.

  Choose any Special Offer you wish to make available via the FAVEme app.  Up to 3 offers can run consecutively. 

   Your one-off joining fee includes your unique QR code for your offers (point of sale and on the FAVEme app).

   We send you the links, QR codes and point of sale collateral so you can start multiplying your customers the very next day.

   Customers use the QR code to redeem your offers and invite their friends.

   Customers can only redeem each offer once.  

   At the end of the month, you receive a summary of names and phone numbers of redeeming customers (and rewards they redeemed) with the times and dates of those actions.

   The Bigger the Offer.  The bigger the number of new customers.

   We only bill you at the end of the month for the results we deliver.

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